Giving back

I do this business for more than just me and flutists who visit this site. I've realised that I can make helping others a reality and just start giving 10% of my online sales to a cause that I believe in.

Often it is sponsoring a friend who is doing something for charity, and sometimes it's a cause that I contribute to directly. Either way, every small amount helps, and I plan to be able to give more and more as time goes on.

To keep everything transparent, here are the donations* so far...

* in Australian Dollars


$35 for a Project Rudolf box

Project Rudolph boxes (which include meat for roasting, fresh vegetables and a Christmas cake) are delivered to families who might otherwise miss out at Christmas, across Australia.


$19 to Go Fund Me campaign

A local Sydney resident is running a Go Fund Me campaign to raise $8000 to buy an assistance dog. I hope this little contribution helps.


$46 to Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME)

AIME helps indigenous Australian school children finish high school and mentors the most disadvantaged kids out of inequality.


$22 to Ping-Pong-a-Thon

These guys have raised over $70,000 to help stop the buying and selling of humans (aka trafficking) in South East Asia. 

The way they do this is to hold Ping Pong marathons! You guys rock. Keep going :)


$33 to Dignity

"Human dignity is the idea that every human has inherent worth."

This charity is so inspiring. They help traumatised, hungry, cold and often ashamed homeless individuals into temporary accommodation.

JULY 2017

$22 to Kids Under Cover

These guys help young people before they become homeless by helping their carers build studio accommodation in their backyards and giving them an independent space to live.

The stats are that family conflict is reduced from 57% to just 4% after a studio has been provided. Genius! 

JUNE 2017

$46 to CEO Sleepout

My friend was one of 1747 heads of companies who slept outside in the middle of Sydney winter (which is cold enough!). Together they raised $5.5 million to help homelessness.

MAY 2017

$128 to Ozharvest Market

The amazing Ozharvest have opened a shop in Sydney that "sells" rescued good quality food. You walk in, take just what you need, and give whatever $$$ you can.

APRIL 2017

$62 to CEO Sleepout

My friend Lloyd is sleeping out in the open in mid-Winter to simulate, for just 1 night what it's like to be homeless in Sydney. 

It's the least I can do to help. One day I'll be able to do more...

MARCH 2017

$44 to Ozharvest Food Rescue

I love OzHarvest. They are a food rescue organisation in Australia, collecting quality excess food from cafes and shops, and delivering it to charities.

Since 2004, they have saved more than 20,000 tonnes of food from ending up in landfill.



$23 to Kokoda Plus

My trampoline instructor is a legend.

In an effort to break down the stigma around living with HIV, Olympic silver medallist Ji Wallace is leading an expedition along the historic Kokoda trail in June 2017.

He says it's "to show the world that no matter your struggle, no matter your ailment, no matter where you come from or what ever you have been handed in life: it does not define you. Stand tall on your character, your generosity, your compassion and your word and never underestimate the power of yourself."


$72 to

I heard a heartbreaking, but uplifting (somehow both!) episode of This American Life podcast.

Some young guys in a Syrian refugee camp in Greece were being just generally awesome and creative. And I wanted to support that!


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