The excellent (and the useless) gadgets on my flute!

Sep 24, 2018

Last blog post, I gave you a quick video tour of my flute. The brand, the metal, and why I like my flute.

This week, I give you a flute tour that shows you all the gadgets and "features" of my flute. The excellent ones, andthe useless ones!

I go through these 7 features, and let you know whether they are excellent or useless:

  1. Split E mechanism (it's awesome)
  2. B foot (I hate them)
  3. Open holes (love them, but you don't have to)
  4. Offset G (most flutes luckily have this nowadays)
  5. Pointed arms (whatevs - they just look pretty)
  6. Extra trill keys (hmm, cute, but not necessary)
  7. What metal your flute is made out of (now we're talking! Some dirty little secrets in here!)

But there's something I should have mentioned in the video about point number 7...

I talk about the "craftsmanship" of the head joint contributing to the good sound - that it makes more of a difference to your sound than the metalsused in the head joint.

Well, when I say craftsmanship, I'm referring to the way the embouchure hole is cut. A tiny difference in an angle, a tiny difference in the sharpness of a corner, the hairs-breadth difference in thelength of an edge all make a huge difference to the sound!

It is THIS, more than the metalthat creates the good sound of a good flute.

But! Above all of this, the WAY YOU PLAY THE FLUTE - your learned skill - creates 90% of the sound that comes out of the flute. (Which is good news, because you can continually get better at this!)

Jane xx 

PS. Sorry about the background noise near the end of the video. I have now learnt to not record a video with my balcony door open!

PPS. Totally leave a comment below the video. Happy to answer any questions you might have.


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