Fixing a Bad Sense of Rhythm!

Jul 24, 2016

Have a student with a bad sense of rhythm?

Maybe they can copy a rhythm if you play it for them first (maybe!), but they have no hope of actually reading the rhythms correctly by themselves?

I've got some excellent news for you:

It's easier to fix than you think!

Most often, students are like this because they've missed a crucial little step in learning how to read rhythms. It can be something so small and simple, but if they never understood it (or never got taught it by their previous teacher), they're stuffed.

This simple technique covers from the ground up.

Using this approach in just one lesson, you'll give beginners the fundamental knowledge they need to move forward with confidence. And for students who can already play, it covers the basics of what some part of their brain is missing.

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Proper flute technique, explained clearly, is like a magical quick fix!

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